OK Soda was a soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 that aggressively courted the Generation X demographic with unusual advertising tactics, including endorsements and even outright negative publicity. It did not sell well in select test markets and was officially declared out of production in 1995 before reaching nation-wide distribution. The drink’s slogan was “Things are going to be OK.”

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Chungking Express (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

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Marpo Point, Japan

National Geographic | April 1945

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Lindsey Wixson for ”A-Z of Wink!” by Beto Cabrera


Lindsey Wixson for A-Z of Wink! by Beto Cabrera

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Comme des Garçons SHIRT by Massimo Gammacurta

Comme des Garçons SHIRT by Massimo Gammacurta

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The Hole (1998)

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I bought the L’oreal color riche in golden splendour and it inspired me to do this afro futuristic android look.


I love this makeup it was so fun to just go with my flow and I felt unnatural and robotic in it. I also drew inspiration from Janelle Monae’s Metropolis, it just gives me all the dystopian feels for some reason and I like to think I’m an android that’s not quite right, that part of technology unsettles me, so I decided to approach with that discomfort and integrate it into these photos + makeup. I think for me the appeal of androidom would be the removal of human emotions, I feel everything and I feel it to much. To be robot is to take the humanity out of the equation, I find that I am drawn to creatures and devices that have that lack of humanity aka vampires, androids, always have been. This was interesting and I really do think I may want to pursue and learn more about this concept in makeup. Thanks to arabellesicardi for introducing my to the concept of robot blogging, though I would like to clarify I in no way understand what your agenda is about or am implying this has to do wit it. It led me to understand my own interpretations of personhood and existence within a body and a space and an emotion and what that can present itself as. I wish I was programmable and easily renewable, I think it also addresses my fear of vulnerability in terms of decay and aging.

So with that said I present the Shelly 4000, fully equipped with human like synthetic skin, multiple language packages that can be uploaded, can be programmed for whatever tasks you needs and only needs to be charged 2 out of 24 hours. The shelly 4000 can replicate human facial expressions but does not experience emotions. 

Makeup by me

Concept by me

Photography by my s.o Henry walker.

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